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Where do you fit in?

There’s a place for everyone in construction. Depending on your skills, personality and interests, you may want to work in the field in jobs like painting, drywall, or heavy equipment operating. Prefer to work in an office? Construction is much more than hammers and hard hats. You can draft plans as a structural engineer, sell homes as a real estate agent, or even run your own business as a subcontractor. The opportunities are endless.

Step to Success

With U.S. student loan debt standing at $1.3 trillion, a well-paying career path that doesn’t require a college degree can be a smart option for young people. Many construction companies will invest in their young workers by training them on the job and providing paths to advancement. It is one of the few industries in which you can earn while you learn!

Still in school?

Here’s why you should start thinking about careers in construction.

The state of the industry

The greatest concern for construction companies? Finding qualified workers.

Source: NAHB

3 out of 4 builders say the shortage has caused them to pay higher wages.

Source: NAHB

At 11%, Colorado has one of the fastest growing construction employment rates in the U.S.

Source: NAHB

The average U.S. construction wage is $24 per hour.