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architecture and design video thumbnail
Architecture and Design

Hear from a landscape architect, architectural drafter, and interior designer about what it’s like to work for Oakwood Homes. Avg Wage: $33/hour Top 10% Wage:… Read more


Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a homebuilder? Oakwood Homes offers a variety of careers; just a few include operations, sales, building, purchasing,… Read more

manufactured wall and truss framing video thumbnail
Manufactured Wall and Truss Framing

Wall and truss framing manufacturers like Precision Building Systems build pre-fabricated materials and deliver them to builders on jobsites. If you work in this trade,… Read more

discover homebuilding video thumbnail

Learn how professionals at McClure Concrete Inc. got started in their trade. They use techniques like reinforcing, forming, and pouring concrete on jobsites to build… Read more

discover supply chain alpine lumber
Supply Chain

Want to know what it’s like to work in a lumber yard? Hear from a truck driver, forklift operator, and managers from Alpine Lumber about… Read more

Tile Work

Learn the ins and outs of working in the tile industry–from hands-on installation to warranty and project management. Experts from Interior Logic Group share what… Read more


Work hard, learn the right skills, and you can be successful in the fulfilling, high demand trade of Plumbing. See how professionals from Kimbel Mechanical… Read more

discover hardwood flooring
Hardwood Flooring

If you enjoy working with your hands and have a passion for craftsmanship, consider a career in Hardwood Flooring. In this video, homebuilding professionals and… Read more

Structural Engineering

Not all construction careers require physical labor. Structural Engineering combines math, design, and communication skills for a fulfilling career in homebuilding. In this video, experts… Read more

discover window and door installation
Window & Door Installation

Window and door installers are in high demand in the home building industry. They work with architects, contractors, and homeowners to safely and efficiently install… Read more


Electricians are problem-solvers; they enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together. As an electrician, you will use specialized hand tools, drills, and diagnostic… Read more


Adding drywall to a house transforms it into a home. As a drywall installer and finisher, you will turn a bare, framed structure into cohesive… Read more

Heavy Equipment Operating

Operating heavy equipment is like playing a video gameā€“but with a $100,000 machine. Discover the benefits and skills needed for a career in heavy equipment… Read more


Landscaping is the art of making outdoor environments beautiful, thriving, and well-groomed. As a landscaper, you will use heavy equipment, power tools, and your hands… Read more


Adding a coat of paint to a house can bring it to life. As a construction painter, you will be responsible for covering interior and… Read more


Siding is an active, fast-paced career that allows you to work outdoors. Master skills like measuring, cutting, and ladder safety, and you can take advantage… Read more